Dynamic Auto-Painter

Dynamic Auto-Painter 2.5.3

Turn your photos into works of art

Ever thought that Monet would have painted a great picture of you? With Dynamic Auto-Painter, you can do it yourself! View full description


  • Great results
  • Watching the process is really interesting
  • Lots of settings


  • Takes a while to complete a picture

Very good

Ever thought that Monet would have painted a great picture of you? With Dynamic Auto-Painter, you can do it yourself!

Dynamic Auto-Painter is a neat application that crafts your photos, images of paintings and other items, such as CAD renderings and sketches, into paintings. The process is very easy. Upload your source image to the program, choose the artistic style you're looking for, tweak the settings and press "start". Dynamic Auto-Painter will take it from there, painting a version of your photo - either until it's finished, or until you stop it and fill in the fine details yourself. While the program is painting, you can also pause it and specify where you want more detail, or change the size of the brush it is using.

Dynamic Auto-Painter has a variety of settings, controlling everything from canvas size to how much detail the brushes paint. That said, you don't need a profound knowledge of these options before you start to paint. When you do feel like getting to know Dynamic Auto-Painter a little better, however, you can read the users manual, which provides a clear and in-depth explanation of its functions.

As well as controlling the paint effects, Dynamic Auto- Painter lets you modify the original image so that it will be more suitable for painting, meaning you can blur irrelevant parts of the photo, increase contrast, etc. The process is not a particularly quick one, but when you see the amount of detail that goes into each project you'll see why. Each of my paintings took about 5 - 10 minutes to "autopaint", although you can reduce the number of automatic brush stokes, and consequentially, the time.

Dynamic Auto-Painter will let you turn your photos into true works of art.


  • vastly improved engine for realism using a special step called dry reveal brush that comes between underpaint and detail brushes
  • portrait mask - you simply paint mask over face to give the preset even more detailed instruction what part should be more realistic. Some Portrait related presets require this mask and will ask for it to be painted , but most of the presets simply benefit more with this mask but work fine without it.
  • great new segmentation and simplify process that can be plugged as part of the AOP process (used now in portrait oriented styles to simplify background)
  • with this all presets had been tweaked and number of parameters in AOP tripled or maybe quadrupled. However the main interface remains same, those new params are hidden in the AOP.
  • great new presets that benefits from the added simplification and new reveal brush
  • new realistic preset that still somehow look painted yet realistic
  • Save/load current state (currently set parameters)
  • Color Impressions - this is a new way for dynamic palette working (no longer painting of the same tonality) - simply load any existing painting image and the painted result will match the color of that particular painting.

Dynamic Auto-Painter supports the following formats

Dynamic Auto-Painter


Dynamic Auto-Painter 2.5.3

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